Welcome to the Online Research Database Service (ORDS)

The Online Research Database Service (ORDS) is an online relational database system for researchers. It offers secure database hosting, sharing, and editing interfaces.

From 1 June 2017 the ORDS will cease to be supported by the University of Oxford.

The service will remain available in its existing form to current users (including both researchers at the University of Oxford and their collaborators) until the closure date, but no further development of the system will occur. Support will be provided for users who need to find alternative solutions for data storage and analysis.

Any queries should be directed to the IT Services Research Support team.

Until the closure date, the ORDS web interface can be accessed by visiting: http://app.ords.ox.ac.uk/

What should I do if I have data currently in the ORDS?

Please email the IT Services Research Support team to discuss your requirements. We will do our best to help you find an alternative system which can meet your needs, and we can also assist with data migration.

If your project will conclude before the end of May 2017, you can continue using the ORDS as before - but please ensure that you have exported any data you wish to keep before the closure date.

What will happen to data stored in the ORDS after 1 June 2017?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that any ORDS data will be retained after the closure date. Please make sure you have exported a copy of any data you wish to keep before then. A guide to exporting data from the ORDS is available; the Research Support team can also provide assistance.

An archived copy of the FAQs previously displayed on this page is available.

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